Human Design Events

The Human Design Tribe has been holding annual events to share and explore in the knowledge of The Human Design System – and meet with each other.
In the Summer of 2020 was The Human Design Festival in Romania, at the Black Sea and Danube Delta;
In the Winter of 2021 we celebrated the the Rave New Year with a Human Design Rave Marathon – A Virtual Festival Online held over 4 days.
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Jan-May 2022: The Bhan tugh

The Bhan Tugh is the heart of Rave Cosmology. This is a journey exploring the fascinating mythology and mechanics of the Biverse and our place in it, as transmitted by the ‘Voice’ in 1987, and recorded by Ra Uru Hu using a sequence of 27 ‘Bhan Tugh Plates’ representing the imagery and information from the 8-day experience with the Voice.

We will cover a vast territory, including the mechanics of our existence from the moment of conception (The Big Bang) through the evolution of our species; who we are now, why we are here, how we are connected to the original start and source of it all – and where we are heading into the future.

January 2022 – March 2022