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Through Human Design we learn how we’re co-creators of our lives. If we don’t know who we are, what we want or what is correct for our life, then we cannot have a conscious part in bringing this into our lives. Through this recognition, we will become fully involved with our co-creation and our evolving life. Living in this way leads us from self-knowledge to self-acceptance to self-love. It is a dramatic and insightful journey. Finally, each one of us has the means to be in love with our life.

In understanding the Human Design System,  we can strike a delicate balance between presenting this new information, essential for your empowerment, and helping you learn how to live honestly in your energy.

The education available of the study of Human Design anchors you in practical understanding of the bodygraph and how the first three views of Type, Strategy and Authority get lived out through the centers to form a functional life. You learn the tremendous potential of open Centers for perception and wisdom and examine the challenges of conditioning “up close and personal.”

Ultimately, you can understand the flow of the energy in your design, exploring the dilemmas of your life that are revealed through the Bodygraph and the mechanical understanding of how we are imprinted – and result in learning how you can resolve the dilemmas and turn your Design into a path of life-mastery.

Courses available:

Human Design Foundational Courses

Rave Cosmology Courses Online at IHDS