Your journey

WHERE do you begin?

Human Design analysis is a profound insight into your life purpose and how to live the full expression of who you are. It is an evolving unique consciousness study and practice, focused on psychological and spiritual development. Working with Human Design is a profound experience, not only in seeing and accepting yourself, but also in understanding how you can actualize your potential in your life. It will show you the best strategies for creating the life you were meant to live.

Based on a concept of a direct link between the timing of our birth and the activation of the specific qualities of our personal genetic code, Human Design provides a way for us to know if we are living our own lives or a conditioned life and what to do about it. This gives you a very deep understanding of your personal evolutionary intention for this life. Human Design knowledge helps you to live with less resistance, deeper self-acceptance, and greater effectiveness, happiness and peace.

The goal of every aspect of The Human Design System is to empower you to live life on your terms according to your own true nature, and to know what is right for you without depending upon anyone else.


Foundation Reading

The initial recorded reading is usually one hour in length (we will be together around 1.5 hours) and it includes an overview of your Human Design. You will gain an understanding of why you are here and the potential of your unique contribution. In addition, you will learn about the challenges you will face along the way and how best to work with these areas of your life.


Your Foundational and Advanced Readings are 200 USD / 180 Euro / 1300 DKK

Follow-up and mini-readings are 100 USD per 30 minutes.

Usually full readings take around an hour, though I sometimes go a bit longer (for your planning). All readings include a print or slide of your Human Design Bodygraph, and a recording of the session. The foundational reading also includes a .pdf booklet with slides containing the information specific to your design for later reading.

Our meeting can take place in my online Zoom room, via Skype or on the phone (or if we can meet in person, if possible).

Our meeting can take place in my online Zoom Room, via Skype or on the phone, if we are not in able to meet in person.

Other readings possible after your Foundation Reading are:

• Life Path Reading
• Relationship/Connection Consultations
• Return and Cycle Readings (Solar, Saturn, Kiron)
• Incarnation Cross Readings
• Holistic Analysis (deeper understanding of your unique self)
• Continued guidance in living your Design as a path for Transformation & Awakening