As we grow up, we copy various programs into our minds and into our very being from people around us. The conditioning coming from our parents and others slowly but surely takes over our mind and covers the light of our true self. We stop living out our truth, compromise our nature and try to fit ourselves into the box built from outside beliefs and ideas, which we accepted as our own. And so, living a life that doesn’t belong to us, we cause and create most of the problems, difficulties and pain of our lives. Living from an idea of how things should be is like swimming upstream. We end up judging and comparing ourselves with others, we often get frustrated, angry, or simply discontent and feel that there is something essential missing.

Quality of our life depends directly on our decisions. Decisions are like crossroads and with every “Yes” and “No” we decide which turn to take. Making decisions from our mind leads us to situations, relationships and jobs not correct for us. We enter into them incorrectly. As a consequence, that which is right for us does not enter into our lives – or if it does, it passes us by unnoticed. We may never discover our deepest joy, our deepest talents and our fulfillment.

Correct decisions hold potential for the development of our gifts and talents, for living out our life’s purpose and our fulfillment. This is may not be so apparent, until we start consistently making decisions that are correct for us. It is then when you start moving with the flow of life and stop resisting it. And as you make more and more decisions not from your mind, but in alignment with your design, your true authority, the process of gradual transformation in all areas of your being slowly begins.

At the core of the Human Design System is the following message:


Putting into practice two most fundamental elements of Human Design – strategy and authority – will lead you straight to your center. Experiment with this knowledge and apply it in your daily life. Follow the simple strategy of your type and make the decisions according to your own inner authority. You will make the decisions that are right for you. You will learn to trust in life and let go of the need to control it. You will see the value this knowledge has for you, for your healthy and correct functioning in the world: in meeting others, in your work, in your relationships, in your role as a parent etc.