‘The Mind’

Decondition from living a life based on strategies to avoid pain – ‘The Mind’

As you live according to your design, the vibration of your energy field – your aura – changes. Resistance and other negative aspects of your life that you were meeting until now, will be less and less, giving way to something new. People you meet and situation that you’ll find yourself in will empower you and support in your growth. They will be the right ones for you – they will “belong” to you. Eventually, you will accept yourself with all your imperfections as well as your uniqueness. You will see the futility of comparing yourself with others. You will live the life that is truly yours. And you will finally love yourself.

As you live out your truth and walk your unique path without trying to control your life, your inner strength and wisdom grows accordingly. And you will slowly, slowly learn how to look and see. The moment that you take the control of your life away from your mind, and start following your authority, you will be safe.

But change doesn’t come over night – it takes time. It takes time for the cells and the cellular memory to be deconditioned. Shattering and great shifts in understanding happen. It takes seven years to totally clean out the conditioning. It takes that long for the mind to no longer be in control. As you move through weeks, months and then years, you relax into your life in a way that you never dreamed possible and everything that was meant to happen in your life, happens.

Follow your strategy and listen to your authority – it is that simple. That is a key in the process of awakening to yourself. The rest will take care of itself; life will provide all that’s necessary. Your aura will gradually attune itself to the frequency that will bring into your life all that you need.

What to do
  1. The first step for you is to get your Human Design chart. You will need your complete and accurate birth data: time, date and place of birth. You will get your chart as part of your Human Design reading, which is the true initiation into the experiment of living as yourself. In a foundation reading, you will learn everything you really need to know about your design and how to live it. It will give you solid understanding of the mechanics of your design: what it means to be your type, how your strategy and authority work and what are your gifts and weaknesses. It will describe you in a way you’ve never seen yourself before. If you find that you would like to go deeper into understanding your own design, and more about the Human Design System, you are welcome to contact me about courses, coaching sessions and support groups.All of the information provided here may be a bit confusing or overwhelming as Human Design is a vast and deep system with great level of complexity. However, there are simple steps to follow, the first being to get a print of your chart, and then have a reading. Your strategy and authority is really all you need to know. Ra Uru Hu said that if you know your strategy and authority, and: “If you’re gonna live your design, you can go home, because the rest is just interesting.” You don’t need to know much more than that. Experiment with it, take risks when you can, allow yourself to trust in the process and see how it affects your life. To know your design and to live it out , you do not need to study the system itself.
  2. There are downloads, books, etc. available in other Human Design website. I suggest you go the the Newcomers section of www.jovianarchive.com and listen to the free recording of your type.
  3. The best next step after your reading is the “Living Your Design” course. Contact: Tao of Human Design at info@human-design.com.

It is often difficult for people to trust something new and different that challenges our current ways of thinking. It is normal and healthy for human beings to doubt. New does not necessarily mean true or reliable, but sometimes we have to experiment. The change is possible only if we step in the unknown. If you will repeatedly do only that which you know, your life will stay the same.

There are many paths of self-awareness. You may already have begun the journey of “working on yourself”. To try experimenting with your strategy and authority, you won’t need to adopt a new belief system. By following your strategy of making decisions according to your own design, you will slowly begin to stop being caught in the struggle to live the life that your mind thinks you should have, and enjoy a life based on your unique differentiated awareness… and live out the true purpose for your being here on planet Earth.