We are truly unique

There is a direct connection between our time of birth and specific qualities – activations – of our genetic code, our DNA. Human Design works with this connection. DNA is responsible for building our bodies and its various activations make us who we are on a conscious and unconscious level. It determines what kind of movement is ideal in our life in order to meet the least resistance.

Many of the norms, rules, practices, etc. accepted in our society can be harmful when used in our life. They are simplified and ‘one size fits all’ and thus do not reflect our uniqueness. They can actually do harm, when accepted without the feeling of correctness that comes from your inner authority. There are some people who should go to bed when they feel tired, while others need to rest before they sleep. If you stay in a place that is not correct for you, then you will not meet the right people, so the right opportunities will not arrive for you. There are half of the people who should not make spontaneous decisions; while other designs can simply listen to the intuitive awareness in the moment. There is more than 60% of beings that should never promise to do something… yet we do! Over and over again.

People are like snowflakes in a sense that there are no two people alike. Imagine what a sense of ease it will be to know your design. Imagine the ease you will feel in life, when you no longer feel the need to compare yourself to others, or to want others to behave or think as you would like them to, instead of honoring their uniqueness and trusting the correctness of their inner authority, as you do yours.